Laboratory of Thermal Engineering, Energy and ProcessesPresentation of the laboratory

The LaTEP (laboratory of thermal engineering, energy and processes) addresses the issue of the energy transition by carrying out research in energy and processes for the environment.

The LaTEP is a special research team (EA 1932) composed of 23 lecturer-researchers, 1 administrative staff member and around 20 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

The scientific skills of the laboratory are based on experiments, modeling and simulation in:

  • The thermodynamics of fluids and energy systems.
  • Multiphase transfers.
  • Phase changes.
  • Intensification of transfers and processes.

These skills put into practice to meet important societal issues centered on the energy transition: energy storage (surface and subsurface), optimization and efficiency of energy systems and processes, CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage (CCTS), indoor air treatment, waste recovery and sludge dewatering.

The LaTEP is a member of the ISIFoR Carnot Institute and the Energy Transition Institute INEF4.

In 2011, the unit was evaluated by the AERES and obtained[e1]  an average rating of A.

In 2015, the unit was evaluated by the HCERES. You can download the complete evaluation report of the LaTEP by the HCERES (Pdf - 44 Ko).