CNRS Interdisciplinary Energy Program

CNRS Interdisciplinary Program in Energy


  • Subject: Intensification of performance by adding mineral fillers to thermal energy storage nodules
  • Partners: CRISTOPIA, PROMES (Perpignan), ACD2
  • Managed at the LaTEP by: J.P. DUMAS
  • Period: 2007 - 2010


  • Subject: Delocalized domestic micro-CHP (Stirling and Ericsson engines) and multi-energy micro-CHP (natural gas, wood energy and solar-gas hybrid)
  • Partners: Federation Jacques VILLERMAUX - VERTBILOR (FR 2863), AMOES SAS.
  • Managed at the LaTEP by: P. STOUFFS
  • Period: 2007 - 2009